Enhanced Services

Power sweeping and pot hole repair

Willand has indoor and outdoor power sweepers capable of cleaning debris in any sized parking lot, loading dock or parking garage. We work with our clients to provide optimal level of service with the least amount of interference to business operations. To accommodate this, Willand schedules work around our client’s business hours overnight or on the weekends when parking spaces are empty or when arrangements are made to clear trailers from loading docks. We also offer mobile power washing of parking spaces for maximum results. You can read more about our services in the rest of this article.

Willand also offers pothole repair at a very affordable price to our clients. Our maintenance crews are capable of filling pot holes with bags of cold patch while on the site performing scheduled maintenance services. We can fix a pot hole for a fraction of the cost of a asphalting company providing the same service. Pot holes, raised catch basins or concrete pads are usually identified to our customers as potential trip hazard.

Flower Displays

Annual flower displays are adding “happiness” to properties if it was well taken care of. Willand has the knowledge and experience in colour schemes. With help from the our irrigation department, we have created some finest annual displays in the city.

Re-laying Interlocking Stones

After many years of freeze/thaw and salting, the interlocking stones often need to be relayed in order to avoid tripping hazards or puddling. Willand offers experienced staff and services without causing any inconvenience to pedestrians.

Pruning Lower Tree Branches

As trees mature, the lower branches have to be pruned in order to let sun light reach the lawn/plants that are under the tree. Also lower branches can hazardous for pedestrians and and for the staff servicing the properties.