Tree Removal & Planting

When you need a skilled, experienced and professional Tree Services company, you can rely on Willand Tree Services to provide you with a best quality work. Willand staff is experienced in all areas of tree services and are ready to meet your needs at anytime and season.

Emergency Tree Work

Toronto is a city that with it’s four distinct seasons is subject to severe weather in all its forms from winds  and ice to thunderstorms. At Willand we are prepared for any emergency tree work. We are accustomed to handling extreme weather condition damages. Our crew is well trained in removing trees and or fallen branches and giving a clean and tidy look once again, while for tall trees we use a cherry picker rental to work on the trimming.

We are just a phone call away and ready to do our best in assessing the cost and assisting with the inconvenience during these unforeseen conditions.

Tree Removal

With more than 25 years of experience, Willand offers expertise in tree removal. Any tree removal is dangerous and risky and needs to be handled well with proper planning and execution. Willand’s expert crew has been trained to handle any type of tree removal from tight corners to delicate spots. We will discuss with you the best safest approach and offer you a free estimate. We are careful to ensure your property is kept damage-free and the safety of people safe while a tree or broken branch is removed.

After every tree removal, a good clean up is absolute necessary. Willand crew will clean up the property and give that tidy professional look.

We offer quality work and affordable pricing for all your tree removal needs.

Tree Pruning

The trees on your property need to look healthy and beautiful. Willand prides itself on its high standards with its pruning and trimming services. By pruning and trimming the trees on a regular basis, you can enhance the look of your property.

Pruning or trimming is done for various reasons:

  • to elevationally thin trees for proper sunlight exposure to your lawn
  • shaping to provide a particular look for shrubs and trees
  • to provide better visibility for traffic or to keep the branches away from the building and light posts
  • to keep it clean by removing dead or crossing tree limbs,

We have solutions to take care of all these issues at an affordable pricing.

Stump Removal

Willand provides de-stumping services for any size tree stump. Willand has equipment to remove large and small stumps in tight areas with our portable de-stumper. We offer solutions to suite your best need and give you options to consider that can assist you in your decision making.

We also offer optional estimation for new tree planting, shrubs or flowers to fill the area when stump roots are removed completely. You can rely on the best quality work of Willand.

Tree Planting

Sourcing the right tree species for your property is paramount. You can trust Willand’s deep knowledge and expertise when choosing the right tree for your property. We will listen to your needs and preferences and give you free advice in selecting the right tree that not only matches your requirements but is also a good fit with your landscape design.


Fertilizing is an essential way to promote the long term health care of your trees. We offer various types of fertilizing programs for all newly planted trees. We use deep-root feeding method in order for your trees to look healthier and strong.

Willand offers a variety of fertilizing services. Whether it is for your trees or shrubs, we can provide you with the best solution for all your fertilizing needs. Tree fertilizing is usually done every other year in claylike soil and every three years in better fertile soil. We fertilize newly planted trees at no extra charge during the guaranteed period.


Are you concerned about dry weather conditions? We have a solution. Willand has several water trucks ready to be used for optimum acceptance in the new locations. We can install water bags if preferred. We strive to keep the newly planted trees healthy even during high heat non-seasonal conditions.


A common question people ask when deciding to invest in a tree is: What is the warrantee period? We offer hassle-free extended warranty programs on our tree planting. Trees are an investment, and we make every effort to make tree healthier on your property.